carbonTRACK is in the US!

Supporting US energy businesses as they transition to the digital energy economy

The US energy sector is transitioning to a digital energy economy. This was our key takeaway message from ISNA 2020.

We were at the event supporting – naak Inc – who showcased our distributed energy management solution.

If you are a US-based solar business, solar technology financier or have an interest in the clean energy space, please get in touch with naak to explore how carbonTRACK can differentiate your product and service offering.

carbonTRACK’s value proposition:

For the user

  • Self-consumption Maximizer – maximise the use of energy generation
  • TOU Demand Charge Management – avoid peak demand charges
  • Battery Maximizer – maximize battery run-time during a power outage ensuring 'islanding'
  • Digital Load Panel - prioritised switching and load shifting capability
  • Local Smart Gateway access during extended power or telco outages - monitoring and control of circuits and appliances

Battery Maximizer

For you

  • Reliable Smart Gateway communication methods: Cellular and Wi-Fi – “Always On” connectivity
  • Remote over the air firmware updates – reduce truck rolls and site visits
  • Remote fleet management – manage your entire fleet remotely from a single dashboard

Fleet view map

How it all fits together

carbonTRACK's patented intelligent energy management platform, remotely monitors, controls and automates distributed energy assets.

It is a technology agnostic gateway, enabling demand response initiatives, peak demand management and intelligent battery management. 

Watch this video to see how it all fits together.


Drive solar innovation and differentiate your business

Forward-looking solar businesses are looking for innovative ways to market a range of managed energy services.  These are some of the ways carbonTRACK can help:

  • Ensure 'always-on' connectivity across a multi-gateway fleet
    • carbonTRACK integrates with SunSpec compatible solar inverters, Modbus or Zigbee enabled inverters and battery management systems and utility meters
    • Cellular communication with end devices delivers greater security than Wi-Fi and helps ensure ‘always-on’ connections
  • Create your own suite of energy optimisation services
    • carbonTRACK enables energy users to remotely monitor, control and automate their energy consumption – via a dedicated mobile App and dashboard
    • Users can leverage the system’s digital essential loads capability by load shifting, remote prioritised switching and Time of Use management
    • Maximise solar self- consumption using the 'Solar Maximizer' capability
    • Avoid peak demand charges by using the 'Demand Charge Manager' capability
  • Provide ongoing (often remote) O&M services
    • Visualise and manage your installed base via carbonTRACK's Fleet Management interface
    • Diagnose and resolve issues remotely and avoid expensive truck rolls and site visits
    • Add new capability to the system via remote firmware updates

Creating empowered energy consumers

The shift to the distributed energy model requires balancing use of solar, grid and stored power whilst controlling equipment and appliances.

The video explains how carbonTRACK automates this process.

Creating value along the energy value chain

Empowered energy users are the foundation of an emerging distributed energy model, but the positive impact extends all the way up the energy value chain.

This is an overview of how key energy market participants can benefit from leveraging the carbonTRACK platform:

  • Battery and storage providers can integrate seamlessly with the carbonTRACK platform and provide advanced – VPP ready – remote control of their storage solutions
  • Residential and business users can remotely monitor their energy use and leverage the system’s advanced remote-control capability to act on these insights – including remote switching and scheduling loads to make the most of the sun’s free energy or best ToU tariff rates and avoid peak demand charges.
  • Federal & State Governments, counties and municipalities can improve the efficiency of public sector buildings, set higher clean energy standards for new developments, and support renewable energy policy innovation
  • Energy providers can predict grid loads and remotely manage distributed energy resources, demand response programs and virtual power plants
  • Solar businesses can provide monitored and optimised solutions with a range of ongoing maintenance services and explore alternative business models as energy aggregators
  • Energy efficiency consultants have behind the meter visibility into clients’ energy environments and can formulate targeted improvement initiatives and demonstrate their positive impact

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How can we help with your product or service innovation?

The transition to a distributed energy model presents high-value opportunities for forward-looking solar businesses and financiers.

carbonTRACK brings together remote storage management, demand response, peak demand management and virtual power plant (VPP) control systems all under one umbrella, using its coordinated response capability.

If you’d like to know more about how carbonTRACK can help with your product, service or policy innovation, please get in touch with the naak team.

P: (310) 263-8331 
A: 183 East City Place Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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