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Less than 12 months since our Clean Growth category win of the UK Tech Rocketship awards, the interest in our decentralised energy management solution has been so great that we’ve established a physical presence in  Birmingham – a leading tech hub!

If you are a UK-based energy provider, PV solar company, energy consultant or have other interest in the clean energy space, please get in touch with our UK-based General Manager - Darren Shipard who is leading our UK operations.  

In the meantime, keep reading for an overview of our take on the UK market and how we can help solve some of the key challenges the region is facing in its transition to a clean economy. This includes helping to:

1. Support grid stability
2. Maximise the value of new and existing solar
3. Address existing Smart-Meter challenges
4. Assist in meeting carbon reduction targets
5. Smooth the transition to an EV future

You can also download some resources below for a more detailed take on things.

Helping to enable a decentralised energy future

At carbonTRACK, we’re helping to enable a decentralised energy future. Our patented intelligent energy management platform lets energy users and energy providers monitor, control and automates energy consumption.

With carbonTRACK, homeowners and business leaders can seamlessly control their energy ecosystems or let the platform’s powerful Acquired Intelligence engine automate the process.

carbonTRACK also acts as a central energy control hub, enabling Virtual Power Plants and other demand response initiatives. The carbonTRACK solution is technology agnostic and operates on a proprietary, low-cost and highly secure data communications protocol.

Watch the video here to see how it all fits together.
How carbonTRACK works - the big picture

Supporting the UK’s Clean Growth ethos

Our platform can help:

1. Support grid stability
The traditional grid is under strain – due to its ageing infrastructure and the influx of less-predictable renewable power.

carbonTRACK optimises solar by helping energy consumers/generators maximise their self-consumption (reducing grid demand) and provides virtual power plant / DER control capability for energy providers and decentralised storage asset financiers. Download our VPP case study here: VPP case study

2. Maximise the value of new and existing solar
Solar pay-back periods are set to increase due to a reduction in government solar subsidies and the reduction in feed-in tariffs.

carbonTRACK helps solar system owners make the most of their investment – they can see the energy they use and produce, set alerts for system issues and switch appliances and circuit-level loads remotely to take full advantage of their solar umbrella.

3. Address existing Smart-Meter challenges
The current Smart-Meter initiative provides energy consumers with limited information and no control capability. Furthermore, there are reports of operational issues, reading inaccuracy and potential incompatibility with solar.

carbonTRACK provides behind-the-meter visibility and control of a user’s energy environment. This includes grid energy used, solar energy produced and used together with switching capability of various circuits, equipment and appliances.

4. Assist in meeting carbon-reduction targets
UK’s ‘net zero by 2050’ target is to be applauded. Energy users – particularly businesses – need advanced tools to help them control and measure consumption targets.

carbonTRACK let’s energy users control their entire energy ecosystem – including solar, grid and equipment/appliances – to reduce their carbon footprint. The platform’s real-time reporting capability helps to establish a baseline and tracks performance over time.

5. Enable a smoother transition to an EV future
Electric Vehicles are the future but charging one car uses the same volume of electricity as a typical home uses in three days. Without a smart charging policy and process, this will mean further grid strain and frequent blackouts. 

carbonTRACK can manage the EV charging process in residential and commercial settings. The platform will balance vehicle charging with other electricity needs and determine the best charging source, time and speed – e.g. fast charge, trickle charge, solar charge or battery charge.

Creating empowered energy users

With every new residential or commercial solar installation, a new energy generator is entering the market and the building blocks for our decentralised energy future are stacking up. But most of these energy consumers/generators don’t have the tools to maximise their solar self-consumption – and much of the solar energy generated is being wasted.

A critical step in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning to a clean economy is maximising the use of the clean-energy we produce.

In fact, the shift to the distributed energy model will not be possible unless energy users – both homes and businesses – are empowered to seamlessly control their energy ecosystems.

This requires a coordinated approach to managing their solar, grid and stored power and controlling equipment and appliances in line with their lifestyle.

This video illustrates just some of the ways that the carbonTRACK platform automates this process – letting users balance solar, grid and stored power, even when Time of Use (ToU) energy rates keep shifting.


Creating value along the energy value chain

Empowered energy users may be the foundation of the emerging decentralised energy model, but the positive impact extends all the way up the energy value chain.

This is how key energy market participants can benefit:

Home and business owners can monitor their energy use and leverage the system’s advanced control capability to act on these insights – including remote switching and scheduling loads to make the most of the sun’s free energy or best ToU grid energy rates.

Governments and Councils can improve the efficiency of public sector buildings, set higher standards for new developments, and support renewable energy policy innovation.

Energy providers can predict grid loads and remotely manage decentralised energy resources, demand response programs and virtual power plants.

Solar companies can provide a monitored and optimised solution with a range of ongoing maintenance services and explore alternative business models as energy aggregators.

Energy efficiency consultants have behind the meter visibility into clients’ energy environments and can formulate targeted improvement initiatives and demonstrate their positive impact

Battery and storage providers can integrate seamlessly with the carbonTRACK platform and provide advanced – VPP ready – control of their storage solutions.

Read our commercial case studies here: 
carbonTRACK case studies
Read our residential customer stories here:
Customer stories




How can we help with your Clean Growth innovation?

The transition to a decentralised energy model presents significant opportunities for all participants in the energy value chain. carbonTRACK’s platform enables the energy sector – from energy user to energy provider – to actively participate in the future of energy. 

The solution includes hardware, network infrastructure, control systems and a powerful machine learning and predictive engine. It brings together remote storage management, demand response and virtual power plant (VPP) control systems all under one umbrella, using its co-ordinated response capability.

The same platform that enables users to monitor and control their energy can be used by energy providers as a central co-ordinated response control hub.

If you’d like to know more about how it can help you with your product, service or policy innovation, please get in touch with our UK team.

Darren Shipard

+ 44 01217360101 

c/o Alpha Birmingham
Suffolk St Queensway,
Birmingham B1 1TT
United Kingdom



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