UK Launch

Opportunity to collaborate

We’re impressed and encouraged by the UK’s commitment to clean growth and are in the early stages of market entry into what is one of the world’s leading tech hubs.

Our entry efforts in the UK are supported by our recent Clean Growth category win of the UK Tech Rocketship awards and our participation in the Victorian government's upcoming Trade Mission to London Tech Week.

If you are a UK-based energy provider, PV solar company, energy consultant or have other interest in the clean energy space, please get in touch with our Managing Director, Spiros Livadaras. Spiros is personally leading our UK entry efforts and will be meeting with other forward looking organisations during and around London Tech Week (10th - 14th of June, 2019).

In the meantime, here is an overview of our early take on the UK market and the opportunities for carbonTRACK to help solve some of the key challenges the region is facing in its transition to a clean economy.

You can also download some resources below for a more detailed take on things.


What is carbonTRACK?

carbonTRACK is an intelligent energy management company, our platform has one of the largest monitored PV residential fleets in Australia, NZ, and Africa (GTM Research). In 2018 carbonTRACK launched in the USA where it is experiencing high demand.

We’ve also been recently invited to sit on the board of UK’s Decentralised Energy Trade Association (DETA) to help shape and draft policy around managing decentralised storage assets.

carbonTRACK’s solution has many unique advantages:

 - patented algorithms for real-time solar and battery storage monitoring and management

 - predictive management using harmonics to alert potential failures in equipment

 - patented compressed data communications protocol for efficient and low-cost connectivity to telco networks

Key observations of the UK market

The cost of energy and the wastage associated with traditional methods of production are a big challenge in the UK and we are impressed and encouraged by the region’s focus on making a change.

What stands out for us:

Government support for a shift to renewables
with Clean Growth identified as one of the ‘Four Grand Challenges’

Traditional models are being challenged
with new supply-side market entrants, big growth in solar and a substantial reduction on fossil fuels reliance

Smart meters and In-Home-Displays (IHDs)
have helped users see their spend, but offer no control functionality

With change comes challenge

Any change on a macro scale is difficult, some of the key challenges we’ve noted in the UK:

Limitations of the current Smart Meter initiativeincluding reports of inaccuracy; apparent incompatibility with solar; and information only, no remote control

Rising energy prices and the negative impact on household and business budgets

Solar pay-back periods set to increase as solar subsidies end

Overcoming market blindness and ensuring grid stability with an influx of renewable, decentralised energy sources and storage

carbonTRACK can help…

Energy users act and save
Users can see and remotely control their electricity – helping them reduce consumption, save money and limit their impact on the environment. The platform is solar ready and maximises solar self-consumption to shorten pay-back periods on solar investments

Support grid stability
Regulators, utilities and energy providers can predict energy demand, manage loads remotely and (if required) discharge available batteries to increase supply

Promote the Clean Growth ethos
The carbonTRACK platform is solar and battery ready, and technology agnostic. Its flexible nature allows for further policy, product and service innovation, including ‘smart energy use’ incentive and reward programs, better management of electricity in public buildings/housing, and decentralised storage management solutions.

How it works

carbonTRACK connects energy users and energy providers and enables each to monitor, control, automate and share energy. At the building level, energy management meets home automation and at the network level, it facilitates virtual power plants and demand response initiatives.

This brief animation explains how it works.

Who benefits?

Home and business owners can monitor their energy use and leverage the system’s advanced control capability to act on these insights – including remote switching and scheduling loads using TOU

Governments and Councils can improve the efficiency of public sector buildings, set higher standards for new developments, and support renewable energy policy innovation

Energy providers can predict grid loads and remotely manage decentralised energy resources, demand response programs and virtual power plants

Solar companies can provide a monitored and optimised solution with a range of ongoing maintenance services

Energy efficiency consultants have behind the meter visibility into clients’ energy environments and can formulate targeted improvement initiatives and demonstrate their positive impact

Battery and storage providers can integrate seamlessly with the carbonTRACK platform

    Here are some relevant case studies...
    Solar innovation & VPP
    Metro City Council
    Multi Site Fleet Management 
    Battery Integration + SunSpec

How can carbonTRACK help you support the Clean Growth ethos?

Our award-winning platform delivers value at the building, network and grid levels. Its technology agnostic and flexible nature means it’s suited for a range of applications, including a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) solution with a Home Automation element; a solar optimisation solution for homes and businesses; an energy management and control solution for businesses and corporates; a Virtual Power Plant control centre and a Smart Grid platform.

If you’d like to know more about how it can help you with your product, service or policy innovation, please get in touch with our Managing Director, Spiros Livadaras. 

In the meantime, for a more detailed take on the points covered here, please download your copy of the following: