Smart Solar Questions

carbonTRACK turns your PV system into smart solar:


- Full visibility of the power you generate and consume. All the time, any time, from anywhere


- Generate reports- discover new ways to reduce your power consumption and make the most of the power your system produces


- Reliable PV system – changes in performance are detected immediately.

If you see a green tick, your solar system is performing well.


If you see a caution sign, this mean an error with your solar system has been detected.


Your dashboard has a system performance indicator on the left hand side.


You will be contacted if an error has been detected.

Your solar electricity is only available to be used during daylight hours, unless you have a batter.


In order to utilize more solar, turn on appliances during the day.


You can set timers for electrical hungry appliances during the day, such as washing machines and hot water systems; or Contact us to help you set timers on circuit level appliances.