Security and Data

Any data used for analysis will be completely anonymous. carbonTRACK and your supplier may use your data for case studies and research and development but your personal information will never be revealed or shared.

Only you can access your password-protected data on the carbonTRACK interface via your smartphone, tablet or computer. carbonTRACK and your supplier need and have access to your data to provide you with tailored advice and keep your PV system reliable.

carbonTRACK has its own SIM card, just like a mobile phone. This means that all of the data it collects and transmits is sent over an independent internet connection via the mobile network. carbonTRACK does not interact at all with your home’s Wi-Fi or internet connection.

No. As long as you advise your supplier and carbonTRACK that you will be vacating the property, we will make sure that no historical energy data will be visible to the new owner.

Profile and Settings

Your username and password will have been mailed to you when the carbonTRACK unit was installed.


1. Check your email for your login details.

2. Go to or open the carbonTRACK app and login with the details provided.


You can log onto the carbonTRACK interface via any smart phone, tablet or computer. Simply open the carbonTRACK android/IOS app, or log into through a web browser.

If you know your current password, you can change it:

1. Click the profile icon in the top right corner of your carbonTRACK Dashboard and select Account Settings
2. Scroll down toChange My Password
3. Type your current and new passwords
4. Click Save Changes

If you don’t know your current password, you can reset it:


1. Go to the page.

2. Click forgot my password

3. Enter your email address

4. Check your email account. We’ll email a temporary password to the email associated with the account. If you can’t remember the email address registered to your account, contact us and we’ll help you recover your account.

Yes, your carbonTRACK device can be disconnected and installed at your new property by an carbonTRACK accredited electrician. You will need to contact your supplier or carbonTRACK to make the necessary changes to your customer account.

If you decide you do not wish to continue using carbonTRACK you can cancel or end your subscription.

When your subscription is ended, we will remotely turn off your carbonTRACK unit. This means we will stop collecting data about your electricity usage, your solar  and/or your batteries (if you have either).


If you have any devices or appliances that you monitor or control through the carbonTRACK hub you will not be able to control these any more. Any schedules you have set up will stop running, and your appliances will be on or off according to their manual switch.

Closed accounts are kept safe if you’d ever like to reactivate your subscription. You can re-subscribe to carbonTRACK at any time.


You’ll just need to get in touch with our team and we may need to make a site visit to your home or business to ensure the device is still connected correctly.

If a credit/debit card associated with a carbonTRACK account expires, or if a payment fails, we’ll share notice of that payment failure immediately, and we’ll retry processing the payment three times over a two week period.


If the billing doesn’t succeed after those attempts we will close the account.


When a carbonTRACK account is closed, we will halt the scheduling and interaction for those accounts. If you have appliances connected with carbonTRACK they will no longer be able to be controlled via the app and any schedules will cease to run.


To note, closed accounts are kept safe if you’d ever like to reactivate your subscription.