• Control your device from the App & online dashboard
  • Switch & smart control
  • Device scheduling
  • Reliable, real-time data
  • ZigBee HA 1.2 compliant
  • Safety & system alerts
  • MDT data security

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87.40 mm x 160.00 mm x 33.00 mm
0.226 kg
3.5” TFT Colour LCD, 480*320 pixels
Electrical Rating
24 VAC, 2A Carry; 5A Surge 50/60 Hz
Rated Power Consumption
4-watts maximum
Device Range outdoor/indoor
Wireless connectivity
2.4GHz +8dBm, ZigBee HA 1.2
2-stage heater and 2-stage cooling HVAC systems
Supports natural gas, heat pump, electric, hot water, steam or gravity, gas fireplaces (24 Volts), oil heat sources
Supports any combination of systems

Heating and Cooling
Up to 2 stages cooling and Up to 2 stages heating
Heat Pump Functions
Up to 2 Stages
1 stage + 1 aux
1 stage + 2 aux
2 stage + 1 aux
2 stage + 2 aux
Dual Fuel Heat Pump
4 stage heating (2 compressors, 2 aux heat), 2 stage cooling
HVAC Funtions
Control Heat, Cool, Auto, Off, Emergency Heat (Heat Pump only)
On, Auto, Circulation
Local and remote setting of the temperature
Auto-changeover between heat and cool mode (System Auto)
Compressor short cycle protection delay of 2 minutes
Failure protection by cutting off all circuit relays
Data Transmission Protocol
Secure carbonTRACK MDT protocol
Mounting type