• Manage energy with user-defined timers for switching or shifting loads or devices Manual and/or auto-schedule
  • Reliable communication via telco network Granular updates in 15-minute intervals
  • Generate reports of up to 6 months to reconcile energy bills free mobile app and online dashboard
  • Interact on up to 64,000 ZigBee/ Z-Wave connected devices Future-ready for home automation products
  • No hardwiring installation – plug and play immediately
  • Numerous communication protocol capabilities, including: 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Zwave, Ethernet, LoRaWAN, and Smart Meters

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140 x 100 x 30 mm
Plastic ABS
Operating temperature
-20 °C to 55 °C
Remote control and monitoring
Compatible products
carbonTRACK’s satellite units for monitoring/control. All Zigbee and Zwave products
Accurate system clock (sync with server every hour)
Firmware upgrade
Over the air (OTA) programmable
Unique Device identification number (DIN)
Device remote addressable
Complete home automation hub including energy monitoring, remote switching and timer based control
One button for user interaction
LED indicator
LEDs for indication of power, fault, network status, etc.
Online interface
Online dashboard and control panel
DC input power
5 V DC to 25 V DC
3.7 V/ 1250 mAh, 4.62 Wh
Battery backup
24 - 48 hours (subjected to network signal strength)
Battery type
Lithium ion
Backbone network
ZigBee and Zwave Broadband Internet Wi-Fi (optional)
Wireless networks
Water leak detector of geyser dip tray, alert triggered
UMTS/HSPA+/WCDMA frequency and max RF power
850(900)/1900/2100 MHz: 0.25 W
UMTS frequency and max RF power
850(900)/1900/2100 MHz: 0.25 W
2.4 GHz, 16 channels, Smart Energy (SE), Home Automation (HA)
Broadband Wi-Fi
2.4GHz, 802.11
  • Zwave:
  • 919.80 – 921.40 MHz (AUS/NZ)
  • 868.40 – 869.85 MHz (EU)
  • 908.40 – 916.00 MHz (USA)
  • USB 2.0 x 2 ports
  • Ethernet LAN Port, 10/100 Base-T
  • RS485 (Half Duplex)
Data post
Configurable data post to server (15 minute)
carbonTRACK server
Main data center (high level of availability and redundancy)
Data backup in server
Archived up to 5 years (standard package)