More brainpower and more speed

The CTX1 works efficiently to bring you real-time control. It connects and controls more devices in the carbonTRACK ecosystem than ever before!

Wifi Option
No Hardwiring
Use in embedded networks
Super Scaleable
Enable Large Scale IoT
New sleek design

White modern design, it is a minimalist’s dream. With a much smaller size, the hub is both portable and subtle.

Easy Set Up - Plug and Play

Switch to the smarter life with a smart install. No electrician is required as there is no electrical installation. Plug it in, pair with your IoT devices and you’re away! Plus, if your power goes out, the CTX1 hub’s back up batteries will kick in so you never need to worry!


All in one complete home automation, energy monitoring, remote switching and timer based control, means your home is able to run on autopilot.

Safe and secure

The CTX1 Smart Hub offers great security with hight encryption of all of it's communications. Enjoy complete peace of mind in your connected home or business.

  • Increased Communication Capabilities The CTX1 can communicate with numerous protocols, including: 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Zwave, Ethernet, LoRaWAN, and Smart Meters.
  • Lightening Speed The CTX1 hub transmits data very fast.Switching functions are executed instantaneously.

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Use Google to control the hub

See what else carbonTRACk can do with Google Home

“Ok Google, turn on the pool pump”

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