The CTEye can be used in a broad range of measurement & control applications.

carbonTRACK’s CTEye is a very smart, adaptable meter. Apart from measuring data, it is able to record it over time using inputs from various external instruments and sensors.

Small but Powerfull

Though large in capability, it is small in size, and can be din-rail mounted, so it’s easy to install. It is equipped with a microprocessor (internal memory for data storage) and has ZigBee communication capability.

Data at your fingertips

The CTEye interfaces with the carbonTRACK Hub, Dashboard and App, which allows users to easily view and analyze the collected data, and control the connected circuits.

Monitor your power

The CTEye monitors voltage, peak and average current to determine peak and average power, and power factor information. Voltage is determined through a standard mains lead connection and current is measured using non-invasive flexible coils.

Have more visibility

It can be used to measure a building’s incoming power supply or individual appliances or equipment. The data can also be used to develop energy usage profiles, to determine when pieces of equipment are in use, and to troubleshoot power supply problems.

Applications for the CTEye include:
  • Load profile recording for energy consumption management
  • Temperature and power use for heating and air conditioning efficiency studies
  • Connect to weather stations (to record wind speed / direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation)
  • Connect to hydro graphic recording (to monitor water level, water depth, water flow, water pH, water conductivity)
  • Measure temperatures of perishables during storage in cold chain environments
  • Process monitoring for maintenance and troubleshooting applications
  • Embedded networks and submetering

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The carbonTRACK CTEye is the data-centre of the system. Offering unprecedented levels of visibility and control, it takes building automation and data analysis to the next level. See how you can extend your smart home further with the CTX1 Smart Hub.

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