Solar Companies

Stand out from the rest

The solar industry is a crowded market. Differentiate your business and elevate the conversations with your customers. carbonTRACK helps your clients see how much solar they are producing and using. It empowers them by allowing them to control loads remotely, optimising their self-consumption and increasing their ROI.

Become a trusted energy adviser

carbonTRACK gives you detailed insights about your customers' energy use and solar performance - individually or aggregated across your fleet - and can help you determine if they are maximising their solar installation. Create the optimum solar solution, run pre-emptive maintenance programs, advise on optimising the solar umbrella and ongoing system upgrades and offer smart recommendations on storage possibilities. You'll receive alerts if a solar system is experiencing a fault or a drop in efficiency, so that you can provide a higher level of service.

Deliver a better return on investment

carbonTRACK provides unparalleled transparency of energy use and solar performance and has powerful control capability. Customer can use the carbonTRACK App or its in-built automation to maximise their solar self-consumption and therefore return on investment carbonTRACK's sophisticated scheduling and automation technology optimises loads when solar is available and, if there's a battery, it will use excess power to charge it. Our technology also enables customers to make use of best 'time of use' tariffs when using energy from the grid.

Reap the rewards

Create smart solutions, develop long-standing customer relationships, optimise your maintenance programs and future-proof your service offering.

Future-proof your service offer

carbonTRACK technology is creating a new energy ecosystem. By giving energy users - homes and businesses - unparalleled insights and control, it's creating smart buildings and smart communities. It also manages embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitates smart grids. Connect your customers to the emerging carbonTRACK energy ecosystem today and future-proof your business.


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Behind-the-meter energy optimisation

carbonTRACK puts solar businesses in control. The solar infrastructure becomes part of a smart energy ecosystem where users can set up customised alerts, remotely monitor, control and optimise how they use, generate and store energy. A platform to monitor & remotely control the entire fleet.


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