Build customer relationships that last

Customers don’t want the hassle of switching energy providers, but the temptation always seems to be there. carbonTRACK gives you the tools to build strong and lasting relationships with your customers.

A happy and smiling home owner stands at the front door, welcoming in the carbonTRACK electrician ready to install her intelligent energy management system.
Smarter, better, faster customer service.

Your customers are making a long-term investment that they expect to see a return from for many years. With this investment comes the risk that a part of their system will cease to work, or decrease in efficiency over time. carbonTRACK provides assurance to your customers by giving them insight in to how their solar or batteries are performing. They have the added comfort of knowing that if there is a system failure, they will be alerted to it so they can fix it quickly and avoid lost income.

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Solar Optimisation
Accelerated return on investment

Electricity is complicated. carbonTRACK sheds a light on what energy has been used in the home, helping customers take action and save on their bills.


The carbonTRACK app allows users to set goals to reduce their consumption, seeing their solar or battery investment pay itself off even quicker.

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Intelligent Energy Management
The carbonTRACK dashboard displayed on a computer, and the app shown on a smart phone. Both show detailed graph’s of a home’s electricity use.
The carbonTRACK app open showing the ability to turn air conditioners on and off remotely, with the background of a bright, modern home interior.
Offer a lifestyle solution, not just an energy solution

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses.


Devices can connect to each other and communicate, and carbonTRACK is the gateway to

smart home automation. Schedule or turn appliances on and off, all from one app.

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Reap the rewards

A carbonTRACK partnership will help you achieve your short and long-term revenue goals.

"carbonTRACK has almost doubled our revenue.
I couldn’t be happier"

Find out how carbonTRACK could help your business.

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Increase customer life-time-value

From an initial sale to ongoing revenue, a carbonTRACK partnership retains your connection with your customers. We allow you to offer system maintenance or upscales when the time is right.


carbonTRACK can also be retrofitted to your current customer base. This means you can offer new and old customers maintenance servicing, extra solar panels, batteries, and automation.

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Be transparent: create trust and loyalty

carbonTRACK offers regular, fortnightly power updates to users. This allows them to keep track of the energy they’re producing, consuming, and exporting.


This transparency improves confidence in the overall quality of the system, its potential, and its long-term reliability.

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Empower your customers.

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