Turn your properties into intelligent homes

Smart homes are the next big thing. From energy management to home automation, you can make sure your properties stand out in the minds of potential customers.

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Build a future-ready home.

Smart homes are more than just a trend; they’re here to stay. Including carbonTRACK in your next property development will ensure that your homes are future- ready. With an open platform, carbonTRACK can work with just about any smart appliance the homeowner may want to engage with.


Energy management for homeowners and tenants is a unique selling point. With carbonTRACK, your customers can easily control and manage their home and appliances from their phones. The bill savings and convenience advantages to this are invaluable.

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Smart Home Technology
Commercial buildings? We have a solution for that too.

When it comes to commercial scenarios, carbonTRACK’s got you covered. For commercial buildings, carbonTRACK allows property managers to oversee portfolios remotely.


These insights allow a property manager to reduce service costs with predictive, pre-emptive maintenance. Adding convenience and savings, carbonTRACK is ideal for a commercial environment.

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The carbonTRACK app open showing the ability to turn air conditioners on and off remotely, with the background of a bright, modern home interior.
Control a home from the touch of a button

carbonTRACK connects homes to the future of smart living. With carbonTRACK’s Hub and Smart Plugs, appliances can be connected, monitored, and switched on and off from an app. So even when they’re not home, the homeowner can be in control.


The homeowner can tailor this to maximise convenience, efficiency, and conserve energy; all from their smart phone!

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Value for you and your customers

Efficiency is important, whether it comes to energy in your day to day life. Technology can make efficiency easy, and it doesn’t necessarily have to come at a high price.

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The missing piece in the efficiency puzzle.

Already including solar or battery storage in your developments? Thinking about doing it? carbonTRACK can be a great addition.


Solar and batteries are fantastic features in the home, but it’s crucial for homeowners to ensure they’re maximizing their investment. And it can often be difficult to know how well solar and batteries are actually performing. That’s where carbonTRACK comes in; visually displaying a home’s energy use and profile in a simple and efficient way. This includes the electricity they’re using from the grid, their solar panels, or their battery, and if the solar they’re generating is getting used, stored, or exported. These insights make it so much easier to know how and when to use electricity – guaranteeing that homeowners are getting the best bang for their buck!

Another way to make your developments green.

With government and social pressures, as well as an ethical responsibility, it’s important to build homes that use energy efficiently. Being able to schedule appliances to run when solar is being generated, or away from peak times, facilities vital environmental and financial advantages.


These features will appeal to the energy conscious consumer of today, and puts you on the right side of the current energy and environmental crisis.

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Help your customers save even more.

Build with carbonTRACK.