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carbonTRACK provides data insights coupled with control. This is the perfect combination to pinpoint opportunities for efficiency improvements, take action, and monitor results.

A man looks at his computer screen, which is displaying the carbonTRACK interface, where a series of detailed graphs show his electricity use.
One company with many sites? Easy.

See all your energy data in one place, no matter how many sites you’re overseeing. Through the carbonTRACK dashboard, see energy information for site individually, or combined.


Compare the performance of different sites to test energy saving initiatives before rolling them out across the board.

Seeing is believing.

Convincing building managers of the benefits of efficiency upgrades can sometimes be an uphill battle. Put data behind your recommendations. carbonTRACK provides this evidence, so you can justify your suggestions.


Predict, then track financial savings of efficiency improvements. Produce detailed energy reports at the touch of a button, so you can highlight the energy savings you’ve created.

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The carbonTRACK dashboard displayed on a computer, and the app shown on a smart phone. Both show detailed graph’s of a home’s electricity use.
A professionally dressed man sits at his desk, one hand operating his laptop and the other making detailed notes in his book.
Get the details you need, without the cost.

carbonTRACK is the perfect tool for energy efficiency consultants, auditors, and building managers. Low cost and highly customisable, this solution is suitable across any industry or company size.


Create detailed analyses for a facility, so you can break it down and correct defects for lower energy consumption. All this is available at a fraction of the cost of commonly used energy management systems.

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Premium products, without the premium price tag.

carbonTRACK offers all the advantages of state-of-the-art cloud solutions. Energy management information can be called upon at any time online, and you can generate an unlimited number of reports.

Take your customer support to the next level.

Your client’s journey to energy efficiency can be a complicated one. Create a roadmap for them, and see how they’re tracking, remotely, at any time. You don’t have to wait for energy billing information to know where your client is at.


Provide tailored tips for clients to improve their efficiency, even between audits. Leave them feeling supported, engaged, and on track with their goals.

A professional woman sits in a sunlight room, concentrating on her laptop as she speaks into the bluetooth microphone in her ear.
A carbonTRACK engineer focuses intently as he works on the board of a carbonTRACK Smart Hub
More flexibility.

carbonTRACK can measure and record Power Factor (PF), Kilowatt Hours (kWh), temperature, and a variety of other parameters. It can be used for both single and three phase monitoring applications.


We also have the option of providing open API access to data for those looking to integrate carbonTRACK data into existing software.

Easier maintenance.

In the event of equipment fault, get easy access and share operational data with the right people. You can even do this on the go with the carbonTRACK app.


Get everything you need to reduce equipment failures and improve a facility’s efficiency and performance.

The hand of an electrician, holding a toolbox as he approaches a home, ready to install a carbonTRACK unit.
An electrician tightens the screws of a relay in a home’s switchboard.
Excellent ongoing support.

Your success is our success. That’s why the carbonTRACK team performs ongoing system

monitoring, including product diagnostics and over-the-air updates.


We have an in-depth installer training program, and if on-site help is needed, we’re always just a phone call away.

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Extensive scalability.

Our energy management systems can be rapidly deployed in a wide range of energy management applications. These include energy audits, measurement, and verification.


We support a growing range of professional energy services and Internet of Things applications. This includes:

Solar and performance monitoring

Utility network applications

On/off grid, solar, and battery storage integration

Monetisation of new energy services

Low-cost sub-metering

Remote load control and demand response

Household energy management and home automation

Closeup of rooftop PV solar panels on a beautiful, sunny day, with the trees in the background reflecting off the panel’s shiny surface.

Help your customers save even more.

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