Build customer relationships that last

Customers don’t want the hassle of switching energy providers, but the temptation always seems to be there. carbonTRACK gives you the tools to build strong and lasting relationships with your customers.

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Create engagement.

Shift customer engagement from monthly to daily. carbonTRACK transforms your customers’ homes with smart tech that will see them automate everything, from their hot water system to their toothbrush charger.


Beyond the excitement and convenience of automation, carbonTRACK brings something even better - energy savings.


Our app gives users handy insights into their energy use, and helps them set goals to reduce their consumption. This empowers them to take control of their goals, and will have them logging in frequently to see how they’re tracking.

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Smart Home Technology
Build trust.

Most people don’t really understand how electricity works. Because of this, they’re often left feeling like they’ve been overcharged once their bill arrives.


carbonTRACK provides regular, fortnightly power updates to users, so they can keep track of their consumption.This transparency greatly reduces the chances of bill shock, and helps customers be prepared and reduce their energy use. Lower consumption means lower bills, and happier customers.

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Intelligent Energy Management
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Smarter, better, faster customer service.

What if you knew about a problem with a customer’s electricity or solar before they did?


You could rectify the issue before it even effects them. carbonTRACK lets you keep a close eye on all your connected customers so you can increase the value you deliver to them.

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Manage demand

Peak demand events, and the electricity price spikes that come with them, have a huge impact on the bottom line for electricity companies. But they don’t have to. carbonTRACK helps customers reap the benefits of reducing their peak demand.

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Influence behaviour.

Create a residential demand response program that really works. carbonTRACK’s near real-time updates, personalised energy goals, and disaggregation-driven tips can result in significant peak demand reduction.


Goal setting and appliance scheduling drives improved customer engagement and successful efficiency increases.

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Deliver ongoing value.

As new technologies arrive, you can offer these new and improved solutions to your customers.


carbonTRACK’s Smart Plugs are just the beginning of the home automation and energy management revolution.


carbonTRACK is an agnostic platform, meaning we can connect with just about any type of smart appliance, no matter the brand. Your customer will have a future-proof smart home.

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Energy efficiency.

carbonTRACK sheds a light on what uses energy in a home, and can help your customers take action to save electricity. Energy insights are delivered through our app, emails, and SMS notifications. This ensures the customer is fully engaged, and have information when and where it’s needed.

Connect your customers differently.

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