Battery Companies

Integrate into the lives of energy consumers

carbonTRACK ensures that your storage solutions meet the unique energy requirements of individuals users. It's also your link to home automation solutions and the emerging ecosystem of embedded networks and Virtual Power Plants

Deliver a smart storage solution

carbonTRACK provides the 'smarts' that integrates your batteries into the day-to-day lives of individual energy consumers. It takes into account consumption profiles, existing solar infrastructure, and varying energy tariffs and ToU. At a macro level, carbonTRACK's coordinated response capability connects your battery solution to embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants, and peer-to-peer energy sharing capability. The platform provides comprehensive insights into how the batteries are performing and, through the central control mechanism, optimises demand response. Batteries don't charge and discharge based on the availability of energy. carbonTRACK takes into account all the variables in the installed environment and then manages the battery to optimise and ensure energy availability. This, in turn, improves the battery's lifespan and increases the RoI.

Maximise the ROI of your storage solutions

Ensure your batteries are part of the carbonTRACK ecosystem where all connected devices - solar, batteries, the grid, various appliances, and sensors are managed in a coordinated response.

Be part of the new energy ecosystem

carbonTRACK provides homeowners and businesses with unprecedented insights into and control over their energy use. In doing so, it creates smart buildings, smart communities, and smart cities. carbonTRACK also manages embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants, and facilitates smart grids. Be part of the new energy ecosystem that's working to create supply and demand equilibrium.

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Provide greater peace of mind

Your customers expect energy stability and certainty. carbonTRACK helps your storage solutions deliver this, even under adverse weather conditions. carbonTRACK learns a user’s unique energy profile, it knows ToU requirements and weather conditions. It automatically adjusts the battery’s reserve power accordingly. In the event of an outage, it will turn off non-essential loads and optimise the output of the battery to help ensure energy supply for essential loads.

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