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carbonTRACK trials consumer flexibility platform in UK

carbonTRACK’s platform integrates ‘at the edge’ hardware, wireless network infrastructure and control systems with machine learning and predictive engines to provide what the company describes as “competitively priced, reliable and scalable energy intelligence for both residential and commercial applications”.

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Can an Australian energy tech innovator help accelerate Net Zero in the UK?

Following several successful trials with commercial energy consumers in the UK, carbonTRACK will be testing their platform in homes, aiming to unlock multiple revenue streams for Independent System Operators (ISOs), energy aggregators and renewable energy financiers.


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carbonTRACK secures share of $25.1 million funding to commercialise innovative Australian technology

Smart energy innovator carbonTRACK Ltd has secured a share of $25.1 million in innovation funding to accelerate the commercialisation of its ground-breaking Australian energy management technology.


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carbonTRACK names Brenton Spear as CEO to drive international growth as the world emerges from pandemic

carbonTRACK is an Australian company that is disrupting the energy sector globally by delivering patented technology which creates a decentralised energy ecosystem, connecting energy generators, energy distributors and energy consumers. carbonTRACK’s software is used by energy companies in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, USA and the UK.

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Introducing carbonTRACK

carbonTRACK is an Australian unlisted public company which is disrupting the energy sector globally with patented technology that creates a decentralised energy ecosystem by connecting energy generators, energy distributors and energy consumers.

Benefits of technology
carbonTRACK’s platform unlocks multiple revenue streams for Independent System Operators (ISOs), energy aggregators, renewable energy financiers and energy traders. By integrating hardware, network infrastructure, control systems with its powerful machine learning and predictive engine which uses highly secure cellular communication, carbonTRACK provides low cost, reliable and scalable energy intelligence.


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‘Counterintuitive’ union sees electricity retailer subsidise fast-growing Aussie energy management platform

Blue NRG, a business-only electricity retailer, has decided to partner with Melbourne-based energy management platform carbontrack in a union that Spiros Livadaras, carbontrack’s Managing Director, admits is somewhat surprising. “Obviously people are saying, why would a retailer join forces with an energy management technology company that helps them reduce their energy consumption – it’s kind of counterintuitive,” he told pv magazine Australia.

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Blue NRG chooses carbonTRACK to offer its customers remote energy transparency and control

Business-only electricity retailer Blue NRG has partnered with Australian smart energy innovator carbonTRACK to provide its customers with tools to remotely monitor and control their energy consumption.

As of February 2021, Australian-owned and operated energy retailer Blue NRG is offering its business customers access to carbonTRACK’s Energy Management System to help them reduce their electricity bills.

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Mojo Power teams with Carbontrack to help customers control energy costs

Australian energy retailer upstart Mojo Power has joined forces with energy management company Carbontrack, to give its customers the ability to monitor and control their electricity usage remotely and gain better control over power costs.

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Greenfox teams with carbonTRACK to deliver smart storage that beats South Africa’s flaky power grid

South African energy system integrator Greenfox Agencies is deploying carbonTRACK’s smart energy management system to help customers deal with an unreliable electricity grid.

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carbonTRACK delivers smart energy grids globally

carbonTRACK’s award-winning platform unlocks multiple revenue streams for Independent System Operators (ISOs), energy aggregators, renewable energy financiers and energy traders. By integrating hardware, network infrastructure and control systems with its powerful machine learning and predictive engine which uses highly secure cellular communication, carbonTRACK provides low cost, reliable and scalable energy intelligence.

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Redflow and carbonTRACK collaborate to add Virtual Power Plant functionality to flow batteries


Australian energy storage company Redflow Limited (ASX: RFX) and smart energy system company carbonTRACK today announce an agreement that will enable Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries to work with carbonTRACK’s energy management system.

This collaboration will deliver Virtual Power Plant (VPP) functionality on Redflow battery systems, enabling customers to leverage carbonTRACK’s intelligent control algorithms to optimise the benefits of Redflow’s ZBM2 batteries by tailoring the total power system to each customers’ needs.

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carbonTRACK, a leading intelligent energy management systems company, is thrilled to be working with Mojo Power.


carbonTRACK provides an ‘always on’ smart gateway, at a house or business, that remotely monitors and controls electricity and allows for smart home control through a smart phone (switching schedules, customisable alerts etc.). These tools allow a level of control that delivers the best outcome for the customer, but also allows Mojo to provide a better service through a Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

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Delta Australia & carbonTRACK partner for the South Australia and Victoria Home Battery Schemes.


Melbourne, Australia – Delta Electronics Australia Pty Ltd announced that the E5 Hybrid Energy Storage System with Bx6.0 Li-Ion Battery now features intelligent energy management by Australian energy technology company carbonTRACK. The solution is now on the South Australia Home Battery Scheme and the Solar Victoria Battery Scheme lists of approved products.

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carbonTRACK UK joins BANKENERGI consortium & wins Innovate UK grant.


Birmingham, UK – BANKENERGI consortium wins Innovate UK grant to develop an

‘end to end energy trading’ solution.

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AIIA Victorian iAwards showcase outstanding Australian innovation


- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the nation’s peak industry body for the technology sector, last night announced the Victorian iAwards winners for 2019. AIIA’s iAwards, now in its 26th year, is Australia’s leading awards and recognition program that brings homegrown digital innovations to the world stage.

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carbonTRACK chose the West Midlands in recognition of its fast-growing, inter-connected supply chain of industry and academic expertise in energy storage.

Working with DIT, West Midlands Growth Company helped carbonTRACK to build a business case for expanding in the UK.


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carbonTRACK was announced the winner of the Clean Growth category.


The awards are run by the UK government’s Department of International Trade to find leading-edge technology companies that can help support the UK’s innovation priorities. This award was open to companies delivering clean tech, resource efficiency, energy storage, low carbon technologies, systems and services and related technologies to help the UK move to cleaner economic growth.


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Massive Murray Paddle boats to be digitally tracked along the 404km river route


Digitising the Paddle

The boats in this year’s Massive Murray Paddle (19th – 23rd of November) will be digitally tracked along the 404km river route – helping to keep participants safe in the water and allowing race supporters to see their progress online.

Phase Zero Consultancy Services is leading the safety management efforts at the event and have selected carbonTRACK technology to track the boats and provide regular updates on their location.

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Aussie clean tech company carbonTRACK seeking $10 million for global growth


Australian energy technology company carbonTRACK has begun its second round of funding – seeking $10 million – to help it fast-track its growth in the US and expand into Europe.

carbonTRACK is a Melbourne-based company that has developed a patented intelligent energy management platform which.... 

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naak and carbonTRACK Integrate with Pika Energy to Bring "Internet of Energy" to US Market


naak inc., an energy cloud network and marketplace, has today announced its first U.S. battery integration with solar equipment manufacturer Pika Energy. naak and Pika customers will be the first to benefit from advanced behind the meter energy control capabilities such as load-shedding, system aggregation and custom time-of-use profiles. naak's cloud network and Pika's Energy Island™ solar-plus-storage system communicate via the carbonTRACK Smart Hub, an intelligent energy management device for residential and commercial customers...

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Smart Energy Monitors for Your Smart Home


...Keeping it local again, Carbon Track is another homegrown Australian startup.

Specialising in developing energy management technology, they have developed their own energy monitoring system. Their system works with a number of different smart home devices, Google Home is one example.

The brains behind everything is their smart hub. This product connects and controls all smart devices in the network of connected devices in the home environment.

Setting up is easy as 1, 2, 3 using the plug and play functionality....

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NSW solar bonus scheme ends this year: what are your options?


... There are a wide range of companies that make EMSs, including SMA, Enphase and Panasonic (read about more here). carbonTRACK, an Australia-based EMS developer, says that an EMS can help a home reduce their electricity bills by over 30% through a combination of increased solar self-consumption and smarter use of devices throughout the day...

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Houses that think: Are smart homes really a smart idea?


Smart home technology is touted as the way of the future, helping to make life easier while reducing energy use. But is that really the case? Lance Turner investigates....

...Some services, such as carbonTRACK, are specifically tailored to sustainability of energy use, providing both hardware and software to enable you to improve your carbon footprint. The carbonTRACK hub (or you can use a Google Home if you already have one) collects data over time and the web dashboard and app present it in a usable way, enabling users to create schedules for appliance operation to maximise energy generation and storage (if installed).

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What is a home energy management system?


Here’s the lowdown on the ‘HEMS’
Home energy management systems (HEMS) are rapidly gaining popularity around the world as the technology behind them improves and as small-scale solar power and battery storage become more viable.
But what exactly constitutes a home energy management system? We’ve seen some conflicting descriptions; with this article we aim to bring some clarity to the discussion...

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The Future of Smart Homes Is Functional Feature Integration


The concept of a “smart home” is steadily becoming a norm in daily living with the market introduction of smart plugs that can connect internet-enabled home appliances and gadgets alike. Once the devices are connected through a frequency operating under your home broadband Wi-Fi, the home owner can remotely access and operate these internet connected devices even when the person is away from the house....

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carbonTRACK has announced an exclusive partnership with U.S. company naak


The partnership was announced at the recent Solar Power International (SPI) Convention in Las Vegas. This is good news for the USA energy sector, which has been unsuccessful in managing solar assets and reliably accessing simple production data. Utilising carbonTRACK technology, naak’s Smart Hub will do much more than monitor solar. It will control energy consuming devices and ready the U.S. market for the emergence of energy storage and demand response programs as markets turn to Time-of-Use rate plans...

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Top 5 appliances to connect to your carbonTRACK Smart Plug


Smart Plugs are a fantastic product that allows you to track energy efficiency of your household appliances and helps you to identify energy efficiency improvements to make around the home. Here are the top 5 appliances to connect to your carbonTRACK Smart Plug....

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Australian tech company carbonTRACK partners with New Zealand’s largest PV solar company, solarcity


The intelligent smart home has arrived in New Zealand

solarcity New Zealand is utilising the patented carbonTRACK Internet of Things (IoT) platform in their solarZero offering across New Zealand. In collaboration with Vodafone New Zealand, the initiative will help accelerate the adoption of clean solar energy and improve energy efficiency across the country.

carbonTRACK's energy management system not only monitors electricity usage and generation, it also allows consumers to switch appliances or systems remotely, from anywhere in the world via a desktop computer or mobile device...

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Home energy management systems


Home energy management systems (HEMS) are touted as the 'smart' way to understand and control your electricity costs and emissions. We take a look at two on the market, CarbonTrack and Solar Analytics, to see how well they work...

...CarbonTrack not only monitors but also manages electricity use to optimise savings. It lets you control large loads and turn appliances on or off remotely via its app or website. There's also the potential to control them in a much more sophisticated manner, optimising energy use with timers and algorithms. 

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New smart meter from carbonTRACK to benefit households, bolster grid resilience


carbonTRACK's New Smart Meter can create Smart Electricity Grids


Aussie-based company carbonTRACK awarded commercialisation grant to launch its latest smart product that creates smart electricity grids

carbonTRACK has recently been awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the Australian Government Department of Industries to bring their new Smart Meter to the Australian and International Market...

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Maximise your Solar


... Install an Energy Monitoring &/or Control System
Consider installing an Energy Monitoring system to keep track of your Energy usage & generation. We recommend & install CarbonTRACK
What does CarbonTRACK do?
Manages & reduces your electricity by monitoring your energy usage & generation 24/7 from anywhere via your phone, tablet or computer...

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carbonTRACK: Aussie-based startup delivers smarter solar, storage & energy use


carbonTRACK is an Australian company whose energy management platform promises to deliver up to 30% savings on electricity bills for solar-powered homes and 10% in businesses, not only by maximising their solar energy self-consumption, but also by ensuring that the home’s appliances (and batteries) are utilised in the most intelligent, efficient way possible...

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This fast growing energy tech start-up’s latest AUD$2 million capital raising values it at AUD$23 million


Melbourne based energy management tech start-up carbonTRACK has secured a further AUD$2 million and plans to open offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Japan and Singapore. carbonTRACK currently operates offices in Melbourne and Johannesburg, South Africa...

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carbonTRACK set for growth


Australian tech start-up carbonTRACK is set to expand in Australia and overseas as its energy management system gains traction.

The system can help home-owners and businesses cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

The system was only commercialised in February 2015 but is now attracting attention from Asia....

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carbonTRACK energy management system


carbonTRACK is an intelligent energy management system and Internet of Things platform that provides energy usage insight and allows consumers to control and switch electrical devices and appliances. This is said to reduce cost, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The system’s learning algorithms, wireless device switching, independent communications protocol and demand response capability provide benefits along the entire electricity value chain...

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Energy efficiency: carbonTRACK launches ZigBee mobile plug


South African energy efficiency company carbonTRACK has launched a ZigBee wireless plug operated by mobile devices in a bid to curtail energy wastage through stand-by equipment.

The plug allows users to turn off stand-by devices using a mobile phone, explains Irvan Damon, CEO of carbonTRACK SA.

He added: "By switching off your appliances at the plug power level, you can avoid the damages appliances experience when connected back to the grid due to load-shedding and voltage spikes...

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CarbonTRACK wins GAP ICT competition with energy saving device


Company Announcement - CarbonTRACK’s energy monitoring, control and saving device has won the prestigious Gauteng Accelerator Programme ICT 2014 Innovation Hub Award for its remarkable potential for households and the greater electricity grid to improve energy efficiency, according to Lufuno Ramabulana, a specialist at the Innovation Hub’s Innovation Strategy Projects and manager of GAP ICT...

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CarbonTrack announces SA’s first energy reporting portal


CarbonTrack South Africa has announced the country’s first remote energy reporting device, which will enable consumers to have access to their energy data in real-time.

This will unlock exactly how much energy is being used, generated and ultimately saved as a result of either behavioural changes, or by switching to renewable and sustainable energies.

The device and its management software was developed by Carbon Track SA’s Australian partner, which has more than 12 years’ experience in telemetry and software engineering.

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