How carbonTRACK works

The big picture

We’re creating a new energy ecosystem that’s closing the gap between energy supply and demand. Our solution consists of hardware, network infrastructure, control systems, analytical engines and a powerful machine learning and predictive engine. It enables real-time ‘behind the meter’ visibility and empowers energy consumers and energy providers with advanced energy remote control capability. Here’s how we are creating smart homes, smart buildings and are shaping the global energy future.

Smart Buildings

carbonTRACK’s IoT ability enables homeowners and building occupants to monitor and control their energy use – with or without solar. It assists them in understanding their unique usage patterns and enables them to act immediately to save electricity. If they have solar, carbonTRACK optimises solar systems by increasing self-consumption and providing pre-emptive alerts. It’s all done through a simple-to-use, intuitive app on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Users can even set their control preferences and let carbonTRACK automate the process. Here are the highlights:

  • Manage and reduce energy bills. Understanding which appliances are using what power and when provides insights to make more energy-efficient choices taking advantage of lower time-of-use rates when available.
  • Optimise solar and batteries. See what solar is being produced and how much of it is being used. Recharge batteries from the cheapest source of energy and control the way it’s used. Set alerts to avoid loss of generation and address functionality issues pre-emptively.
  • Maximise self-consumption of generation. Solar power is best used at the time of production. carbonTRACK maximises self- consumption and any excess is used to charge a battery or exported to the grid, where allowed. If export is not permitted, then carbonTRACK limits export.
  • Prepare for the future energy market. carbonTRACK’s intelligence and co-ordinated response creates an energy ecosystem where energy is better shared across communities and supply matches demand. A world where peak loads are managed, demand response is facilitated and Virtual Power Plants are a reality.
Smart Businesses

carbonTRACK equips businesses, of all sizes and across many & varied industries, with unparalleled insights and control over their energy use. It identifies when energy is being used and which equipment is most energy-hungry. Businesses are able to control their usage remotely from any location using a computer, smartphone or tablet. They can set schedules to take advantage of low ToU tariffs or allow carbonTRACK to automate the process. carbonTRACK’s pre-real time algorithm assists with peak load management by shaving demand using hierarchical switching or increasing supply by discharging a battery.

  • Achieve significant savings. Monitor and investigate unusual energy use spikes, including faulty equipment. Leverage carbonTRACK’s advanced automation capabilities to avoid Peak Tariffs by switching off or diverting loads to alternate energy sources.
  • Control the solar environment. Monitor solar production in real time and control the excess by charging batteries, running extra loads, exporting to the grid or curtailing.
  • Extend the useful life of equipment. Improve the operational performance of equipment, set pre-emptive alerts and avoid expensive unscheduled service calls.
  • Future-proof energy infrastructure. carbonTRACK utilises existing infrastructure and connects it to the emerging energy ecosystem of embedded networks and Virtual Power Plants.
Shaping the Future

carbonTRACK’s co-ordinated response capability connects energy generators, energy distributors, energy consumers, and delivers embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitates smart grids. Closing the gap between energy supply and demand, creating a world where energy is shared and consumed efficiently and sustainably.

  • Energy consumers can see and control their energy consumption and production (if using solar). They can decide how and when to share excess energy and be rewarded for this and their participation in grid-load reducing initiatives.
  • Solar and battery companies can now deliver an even greater return on their customers’ investments. Their solutions are actively and pre-emptively monitored and optimised in line with the user’s unique energy requirements – connecting the user to shared energy supply models.
  • Energy providers can better anticipate and manage supply and demand and avoid excess over-production. Advanced insights and control capability enable greater customer transparency and support new, innovative services to manage demand response.
  • Peer-to-Peer energy trading or sharing is a reality within carbonTRACK’ energy ecosystem. Energy waste is reduced, and excess energy is utilised.
Why choose carbonTRACK?
Because we think big, and have the technology and passion to back it up
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