Chapter 1

Household electricity and energy efficiency

Learn more about what it really means to be energy efficient.

Chapter 2

Understanding your electricity bill

Learn about electricity metering, how to read your bill and how you are charged for electricity.

Chapter 3

Home Energy Audit

A brief overview on energy efficiency rating systems and breakdown of household energy consumption.

Chapter 4

Heating and Cooling

Learn about energy efficient habits and the appropriate heating and cooling systems for your home.

Chapter 5

Water Heating

Outline on different types of water heating systems and how to make your existing one more efficient.

Chapter 6

Laundry, Refrigeration, Lighting & Other Appliances

How to reduce energy consumption with better habits and efficient appliances in other household areas.

Chapter 7

Solar PV

Find out the benefits of a solar PV system and determine the right system for your house.

Chapter 8

Battery storage

A comprehensive overview of the home battery specifications, types and key benefits.

Chapter 9

Home Energy Management Systems

Learn about how a home energy management system can bring all these aspects together.

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