Commercial energy management solutions

Future-proof your product and service offer

Your commercial customers demand advanced solutions, proven technologies and a service that’s second-to-none. And they’re looking for trusted partners that can help them save on energy costs and limit their impact on the environment – not just today but also tomorrow.

The carbonTRACK intelligent energy management platform puts both solar companies and business leaders in control:

  • Businesses can see the energy they use and produce at a building level or across their fleet and control equipment and circuit level loads via the dashboard, app or system automation.
  • Solar companies and energy consultants can create sophisticated commercial energy management solutions and explore a range of innovative post-sale services.

Keep reading for more on how your customers and your business can benefit with carbonTRACK.



Key carbonTRACK features

Ease of integration

  • carbonTRACK is a technology agnostic platform and readily integrates with SunSpec compatible devices. Other integration options include Modbus over TCP/IP, RS485, RS232 and ZigBee.

Monitoring and reporting

  • Live energy insights / Multi circuit monitoring / Power factor monitoring / Peak power monitoring / Performance monitoring / Custom parameters for alerts / Advance reporting capability 

Advanced control capability

  • Remote switching & control / Battery management / Export limiting / Fleet management / Large Generation Certificate (LGC) - under 250kWp


  • Temperature / Flow & Pulse (gas & water) / Other environmental sensors, including Air Quality


Advanced control for your business customers

carbonTRACK helps business leaders to save on energy costs, better manage their energy ecosystem and limit their impact on their environment. Here are some highlights:

  • Reduce consumption. Track electricity use, identify energy draining equipment, control and schedule loads.
  • Optimise your solar. See how much solar you generate, use and export. Schedule loads for when energy is cheapest.
  • Avoid peak penalty charges. Automate your load schedule and/or use of stored power to avoid peak penalty charges.
  • Eliminate wastage. Use detailed insights, including power factor analysis,  to take corrective action and save.
  • Optimise energy storage. Understand your storage needs for a right-fit battery solution. Maximise the value of stored power.
  • Better manage compliance. Configure carbonTRACK to assist with compliance reporting and management; e.g. HACCP and Section J of the Building Code.
  • Fleet management. See and control energy use remotely across your entire portfolio.

How your business benefits

Differentiate on value. Understand your customer’s energy profile and create solar and storage solutions to meet their needs.

Provide customer peace of mind. Demonstrate the positive impact of your solutions. Your customers can see their energy and savings in action.

Grow your services revenue line. Manage your customer fleet remotely. Receive alerts and diagnose issues from the dashboard. Run a range of ongoing services.

Become a trusted energy advisor. Understand your customers' energy profiles and provide further process improvements – including system upgrades.

Provide a gateway for IoT integration. Create advanced solutions, incorporating Smart Home devices and environmental sensors.

Future-proof your market offer. Pitch for new and innovative projects. carbonTRACK delivers embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitates smart grids.

Business and commercial case studies

Business in Australia, southern Africa, New Zealand and the United States are taking greater control of their energy with carbonTRACK. Here are a few case studies:

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The carbonTRACK platform delivers value at the building, network and grid levels. Its technology agnostic and flexible nature means it’s suited for a range of applications, including: solar optimisation in homes and businesses; commercial energy management and control; and central management of Virtual Power Plants.

We recognise that your customers often grow with you and our new modular pricing model let's you pay just for the features you need.

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