Case Studies

Solar innovation and VPP

carbonTRACK facilitates delivery of an innovative solar service model and Virtual Power Plant capability...

Solar innovation and VPP

A leading solar company wanted to make solar accessible to more people with its solar energy as a service model. To make it scalable and to ensure service guarantees, the company needed an intelligent energy management solution with advanced control capability. 

carbonTRACK’s energy management solution proved to have the flexibility, scale and smarts the solar company was looking for. 

At the building-level, the system provides visibility into energy use and solar production, and advanced control capability to help users make the most of their solar. At the network level, the solar company can monitor and control their assets and remotely assist their customers.

A carbonTRACK Smart Hub monitors and controls the solar inverters and battery at each home, each home is also connected to the carbonTRACK platform which is centrally managed at company head office. The user interface is through a mobile App or online dashboard.

In pairing their offering with carbonTRACK, this leading solar company was able to transform their business model, accelerate its growth and help its customers save money and carbon emissions without large up-front investments. 

Here’s how:

• One platform to monitor and control their network of solar assets.
‘Behind the meter’ visibility and advanced control help customers make the most of the sun's free energy.
• The platform acts as a
Virtual Power Plant control hub where the solar company can manage batteries at each of their solar installations.
Solar users are connected and in control of their energy ecosystem, including their solar and various appliances.
A solution that connects all regions, even those with variable mobile phone connection.

Future outlook
Following a successful trial implementation, carbonTRACK is now an integral part of the company’s solar service solution. Since the initial engagement the installation numbers have grown to several thousand units – a number that’s steadily growing every month.

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From here we will start looking at battery storage and then at selling energy on virtual networks. With carbonTRACK, we have the tools to help us evolve the way we manage our energy ecosystem well into the future...


Transform the way the business manages electricity and reduce the burden on the bottom line

The carbonTRACK platform provides the Milawa Cheese operations team with detailed visibility and advanced control of their entire energy ecosystem – including grid energy consumption, and solar power generation, consumption and export. The same technology also supports a bigger vision which includes energy storage and participation in Virtual Power Plant initiatives.

With carbonTRACK, the manufacturer can:

• Identify energy draining equipment and save
• Promote awareness of electricity use and help drive better behaviours
• Shift some loads to times of ‘off peak’ tariffs
• Accurately bill their tenants for their electricity use
• Challenge their electricity bill if required
• Evolve their new ways of managing energy – armed with the knowledge and control tools they need

Future outlook
Finish implementing energy savings projects, then 12-18 months: start looking at:

• Battery storage
• Energy sharing / virtual energy networks

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Metro City Council

The council’s team was able to immediately identify two sites where there was zero solar generation. All from the one, central dashboard...

Metro City Council

To better manage energy and solar assets, across multiple locations, remotely so as to avoid unnecessary and expensive truck rolls. 

The council has a significant portfolio of solar assets of varying sizes, varying hardware components and varying business cases across multiple sites. carbonTRACK provides advanced fleet management - a central portal to remotely monitor and control the solar assets across the connected sites.

With carbonTRACK, the council facility managers have detailed energy insights across locations, through one central dashboard. This includes:

• solar data
• grid AC
• solar AC
• inverter data

The council facility managers can also identify – or be alerted of – solar performance issues in real time.

A major issue was identified soon after carbonTRACK was installed. Two PV sites had no solar generation or power connection and the landlord had not informed the council of this issue. The council now has immediate visibility across these carbonTRACK monitored assets.

Future outlook:
carbonTRACK was initially installed at 7 sites and is being rolled out in other council locations in a phased approach.

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Multi-housing development

... facility managers remotely manage which elements turn on at specific times to reduce peak load, as well as fully utilise the solar system during the day...

Multi-housing development

The developer of an 84 apartment complex set a goal to meet 50% of the complex’s hot water heating requirements through solar. They didn’t just want monitoring, they needed a load shifting solution​​.

Solution: ​
carbonTRACK’s technology provides full transparency on mains consumption (down to each apartment), solar generation and solar consumption. Facility managers are able to monitor energy usage patterns, hot water system usage patterns, and solar production of the panels.​

The hot water systems are optimised to use solar during the day and, with carbonTRACK’s remote switching and load shifting capability, the overall energy consumption of the complex has been reduced​.


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Multi-site Operation

Major issues are now identified early, as managers have the ability to troubleshoot remotely...

Multi-site Operation

To be able to monitor and manage an optimal level of comfort for patrons remotely and to reduce technical call outs for multiple sites.

The large multi-site organisation installed carbonTRACK smart hubs, temperature sensors, door sensors, motion sensors and air quality sensors across each site.

With carbonTRACK facility managers are provided with,

• Reliable data for internal reporting 
• Specific data around key points of temperature and air quality 
• Patterns and anomalies in climate shifts 
• Comparison of internal environment to the local weather conditions
• Data tracking opening and closing of individual doors in the premises 
• Human activity via carbon dioxide sensors 
• Foot traffic data
• Alerts for live identification of faults 
• Ability to control site & trouble-shoot remotely

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