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The concept of a smart home is redefining how we live and no doubt that the concept is making its way to a lot of homes.

According to a report published by Technology Decisions, one in four homes in Australia is considered as a smart home thanks to the numerous internet connected devices out in the market. From smart plugs to automated devices, these devices have also become increasingly affordable over the years and it allowed homeowners to convert their regular home into a smart home.

With big brands pushing smart homes, the concept has steadily embedded itself in the main consumer market.

Your next home makeover could be about transforming your home into a smart home with the following starter ideas:

Smart Lighting System

The standard lighting for homes is making way for the smart lighting systems that are easy to install and allow for less energy consumption with a number of programmable features.
Brands such as Philips Hue offer smart lights whose lighting emanate a soft yet bright radiance. It creates the perfect setting for a lot of family oriented activities by modulating its light intensity and coverage.

Whether its movie time, evening reading or party moments, smart lights can adjust itself through a number of pre-defined settings.

With smart lights, they can also offer huge energy savings as they are able to turn themselves off when a person exits the room or adjust their brightness for the many forms of use set for a specific time of the day.

Smart Audio

For homeowners who must always have a tune playing, brands like Sonos offers a smart music system that allows for music to be played right out of your streamed Spotify track.

The system is composed of wireless speakers that can broadcast the same track on all speakers installed on every room. This allows for the stage to be set for home parties.
With a wireless setting, your home will also feature less wiring without the expense of sound quality as smart music systems built for homes offer Hi-Fi quality sound.

Voice Operated Homes

Through the smart home, the once futuristic voice control for smart devices found inside the home is now a reality thanks to the advancement of voice enabled technology on smart home assistants. With products such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod, the concept of voice control is fast becoming a fixture in many homes.

With such devices, you can vocally issue commands to your home lighting or smart devices. This allows for the ultimate convenience through the smart home assistant’s voice recognition capability. Aside from utilities, you can tell the home assistant to play the latest news, bring up the weather forecast and the traffic status before you leave for work.

Smart Coffee Brewing

Some of us just can’t start the day right without a cup of coffee. For coffee lovers, automation is here to help you time and brew your coffee hands-free. Through products such as Smarter Coffee, the future of brewing coffee is here.

With just a few taps on the app supplied with the product, you can start the brewing process and set its schedule. This will allow the smart coffee brewer to serve up the hot coffee as you wake up. As a bonus, smarter coffee is also programmable and responds to voice enabled functionality through Amazon Echo.

Smart Home Air Quality

Unknown to many, pollution is not exclusively found outside of the home as air pollution is also a health hazard found inside the home due to the chemicals we interact with everyday. This has prompted a lot of companies to develop and manufacture air filters. As appliances are getting smarter, so too are air filters.

Advance air purifiers such as Dyson allow for containment of contaminants and allergen particles that are circulating in the home. It can detect and instantly nullify harmful agents in the air and give you an accurate report of its activity.

Through its mobile application, you can remotely activate and program the air purifier.

Smart Energy Management System

One of the groundbreaking technologies found in many smart homes today is the precise energy management system that monitors, controls and reports your home’s energy efficiency.

With the embedded smart home energy management system, homeowners have been able to significantly cut down their energy billing as the system points out which application consumes the most electricity. Turn off smart appliances through an app and be supplied with the much needed information in which you can make “smarter” decisions on energy efficiency moving forward.

Through smart energy management systems, you are not only transforming your home into a smart home, but you are also making a huge difference for the environment in creating a sustainable future.


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