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Christmas is almost here and summer is upon us.

We’re all looking forward to hot days, late nights and parties. It’s a busy time of the year for everyone, and often we find ourselves doing what is easy when it comes to our comfort. It is so easy to turn on the air-conditioning, but it’s not until a month or so later that we really understand the cost of our actions.

As if Christmas isn’t pricey enough. After food, presents, decorations and clothes, a $400 dollar electricity bill is the last thing you want to see.

We’ve put together some handy tips so help reign in that spending, and preventative measures to make sure you keep cool this summer. The day is not lost!

  1. You may have read the above and thought “But wait, I don’t have an air conditioner”, if this is the case, I can whole heartedly sympathise with you, but you don’t have to bake from the inside out because of this. Try putting a bowl or jug of ice in front of the blades of your trusty fan, it’ll cool down the air that comes your way, bliss. This will help keep your electricity bill down, air conditioners are greedy things.
  2. If you have a ceiling fan, check which way it spins. If it’s doing its thing clock wise, jump up there and you should find a switch. Flick it. This is called the “summer setting”. Spinning counter-clockwise pushes cool air downwards instead of pulling cool air up. This might seem a bit simple, but trust me, it works.
  3. Make sure the blinds are down. Keep the sun's rays away from your home by pulling down the blinds and closing the shades to keep your house more cool.
  4. Go outside! Turn off all your devices, electronics and go outside. This way, you save on electricity and you're having a good time instead of roasting yourself away at home.
  5. Say it me, “Off peak electricity”. Your oven will use a lot of electricity (or if you’re like me, gas). Try doing your Christmas cooking at night time, ideally around 10pm. I know you’re thinking that that’s too late to cook, but let’s face it, you’ll be hot and bothered anyway, why not be productive and save money. This is also a great idea because you won’t heat your house up during the day.
  6. In fact, why serve hot food at Christmas. Hot food will only heat you up more, and give you a food coma, which basically breeds laziness and bad air conditioner habits. Salads, cold meats and frozen fruit is a great way to keep cool this festive season!
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