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Spring has finally sprung!

Warmer weather is coming, and flowers are beginning to bloom. With winter energy costs eating up a chunk of your household budget, spring brings the perfect opportunity to spring clean your energy habits. A new season brings new ways to save electricity and improve the efficiency of your home! Here are just a few of the things to keep in mind this time of year:


Got solar? Just because we haven’t hit hot weather yet, doesn’t mean you can’t be saving money through your solar panels. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels will still generate plenty of electricity in spring as they generate electricity from light, not heat. So you can be saving just as much, if not more off your bills!

Open windows

It sounds simple, but natural ventilation allows you to naturally cool your space without switching on air conditioners. This is a handy strategy in spring when temperatures are mild. If you’re living somewhere a bit cooler, it makes sense to leave the windows open in the evening and let the breeze cool your home naturally.

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Spring’s milder temperatures mean you can rely more on natural ventilation, rather than having to combat weather extremes with your heater/air conditioner.

Install window treatments

Energy efficient window treatments or coverings such as blinds, shades and films can slash heat gain when temperatures rise. These devices not only improve the look of your home but also reduce energy costs.

Seal air leaks

Using low-cost caulk to seal cracks and openings can really help keep out those extreme temperature!

Bring in sunlight

Do you really need those extra lights on? Now that the days are getting longer, you can switch off those extra artificial lights and use windows and skylights to brighten your space.

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Those extra hours of sunlight can make a big difference to the lighting portion of your bill!

Every degree makes a difference!

By turning the aircon on when the temperature rises to 30 rather than 28, you can save a substantial amount. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall heating/cooling bill will be.

Schedule your heating and cooling

Be smart about how and when you heat your home. Use carbonTRACK to set timers for compatible heating systems to heat your home with the last few hours of solar electricity. This means you come home to a warm house and bring down your evening electricity use!

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Using the carbonTRACK app, you can remotely switch your heating & cooling anytime, anywhere.

Seal ducts.

Air loss through ducts can lead to high electricity costs, accounting for nearly 30 percent of a cooling system’s energy consumption. Sealing and insulating ducts can go a long way toward lowering your electricity bills.

Know what energy you’re actually using

Use carbonTRACK to get a solid understanding of what is using electricity in your home and when. If you’ve got solar, carbonTRACK can help you run connected devices during the day to make the most of your solar generation.

Some examples of electricity use that could be shifted to the day time include; charging phones and toothbrushes, pool pumps, pond and spa pumps, washing machines, dishwashers and other small appliances.

Knowing what energy you use means you can save money on electricity any time of year!

Now that you’re armed with our tips, you’ll be well on your way to changing your energy habits and getting your bills under control!

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