Save energy working from home

The best way to save energy whilst working from home

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions many of us are working from home- energy usage is going to increase.

5 ways to start saving electricity

  1. Restrict yourself to one area or room if possible so that you only need to focus on temperature comfort in that room or workspace
  2. Turn off all non-essential appliances at the power point to avoid ‘vampire draw’
  3. Consider replacing traditional lights with LED lights & LED light bulbs on lamps
  4. Invest in an energy management system (EMS) to allow remote monitoring & control
  5. If you are going to continue working from home long-term, consider investing in energy generation (solar) and storage systems (battery) systems

Energy management system

The best way to save energy while at home is to start with an Energy Management System1(EMS).

An EMS will measure and report your usage, minimize energy wastage, and equip you with the tools to remotely manage your energy costs. Typically this is comprised of a Smart Gateway2, Smart Plugs3, AC controller4 and various environmental sensors. An intelligent EMS allows you to remotely manage household circuits and control plugged-in appliances. With your unique usage data, you will be able to make better-informed decisions- switch off appliances when they aren’t needed and schedule them to run during low tariff windows.

An intelligent EMS, not only provides key insights to energy usage and savings, but it will also enable you to;

  • Set up customizable alerts
  • optimize solar generation5
  • maximize battery usage
  • be energy resilient in the event of grid outages
  • avoid peak demand charges

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1 Digital energy for households
2 carbonTRACK Smart Gateway
3 carbonTRACK Smart Plugs
4 carbonTRACK Climate Command
5 carbonTRACK Green Circuits


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