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carbonTRACK is pleased to announce Overshadow as its in country Sub- Saharan Africa distributor.

“We have been extremely impressed with Geordie Blane over the past couple of years. He & his team at Overshadow have assisted us in accessing the right channel partners, that are a good fit for our technology”, said Spiros Livadaras, Managing Director of carbonTRACK

carbonTRACK has installed its smart hubs across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Kenya. It has one of the largest monitored PV Residential residential fleets across Australia, NZ & South Africa (GTM Research 2018) and recently launched in the USA. It received a Silver Award for Energy Efficiency in the 2017 Ecologic Awards. It was also recently identified as one of three of the most promising and transformative technologies that have been developed by PropTechs to facilitate "green business." (Real Estate Gazette, 2018)

It has the competitive advantage of:

  • Using GSM and not Wi-Fi to communicate
  • Patented Minimum Data Transfer (MDT) protocol to transmit the data across the Telco network at a reduced monthly cost
  • More advanced technological specifications such as solar and battery integration allowing for direct control of inverters & batteries
  • Predictive management to manage Demand Load

Overshadow Graphic

“The African market is a burgeoning opportunity for energy management & load shifting. Overshadow is very excited to have been appointed as carbonTRACK’s sub- Saharan licensee. It’s great cellular technology that allows remote load shifting & shedding. It’s an effective solution for property managers & PV Solar installers. It is competitively priced and because it does not rely on Wi-Fi it is extremely reliable”.

- Geordie Blane, principal of Overshadow.


Want to know more about carbonTRACK? Here's how it works:

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