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It’s that time of year! Making your resolutions and planning out 2018.

Want to save cash and energy this year? Trying to brainstorm ways to be more energy efficient? We’ve put together our top list of all the ways you can cut costs by cutting electricity, saving you money & electricity. This year, resolve to try one or more of these tips to and start seeing savings on your next energy bill.

Use your ceiling fans.

This year, give your air conditioning a rest by using your ceiling fans more. Hot tip! If you set your fans to spin counter-clockwise over summer and clockwise in the winter months, it'll pull the area to create the opposite temperature! 

Don’t leave your lights on

This is an easy one, but you'll be shocked at the difference it can make! Is there someone in a room? No? Then turn that light off!

Every degree makes a difference!

Try reconsidering when you would typically put the air conditioning on. By not using it as frequently as you might, you can save a considerable amount on your energy bills. 

Watch out for standby power

The typical Aussie home has about 30 devices that constantly draw standby power, accounting for around 10% of a home’s energy bill. So if you’re not using an appliance, confirm that’s its completely turned off.

Wash full loads

Most of the energy used by dishwashers and washing machines goes toward heating the water, and washing only half loads of dishes or laundry wastes money. Wait until you have a full load of dishes or clothes before you wash them.

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Use sunlight to your advantage

Natural sunlight can help you stay warm in the winter, but in the summer it sure doesn't help cool your house down! Use curtains or blind in the warmer months to keep your home cool, and fling them wide open in winter to let the sun naturally heat things up! 

Schedule your heating and cooling

Scheduling can be a really handy tool when it comes to combating the change in seasons. By programming your heating and/or cooling system to come on a particular time, you can schedule your home's exact temperature and when this system is triggered to start and stop. 

You’ll be more comfortable and you’ll certainly notice the difference on your electricity bill!

Another option is to utilise carbonTRACK to set timers for compatible heating systems to heat your home with the last few hours of solar electricity.

Install energy saving light bulbs, like LEDs!

Energy saving bulbs are called that for a reason! They can really help you save, especially when you think long term. Plus they last alot longer than regular bulbs!

Choose energy efficient appliances

Buying new appliances in the new year? Consider investigating some energy efficient models. While there may be more of an upfront cost, think of it as an investment, as it will seriously reduce your energy bills overtime. 

Set up your home electronics with Smart Plugs

Looking forward to getting your television, cable box, DVD player, sound system, and video game console set up? When you do it, set things up with a Smart Plug you to can track how much standby power they are using and switch them off from your phone, from anywhere.

Turning off standby power from devices you’re not using can save a lot of money over time, especially since many such devices eat quite a bit of power as they sit unused, constantly draining your money.

Plant shade trees near your house.

This is a definitely a long term one, but mother nature can help you save significantly on your summer cooling costs — and heating costs in winter, too. If you plant deciduous trees — the kind that lose their leaves in autumn — you’ll really notice a difference.

The leafy shade trees will naturally cool your home during the hot summer months by reducing the amount of direct sunlight that hits your house. In the winter, they’ll lose their leaves, allowing that same sunlight to stream through your windows and heat up the home a bit more. Just don’t plant them where they will shade your solar panels (if you have some or plan to get some).

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Use more electricity when rates are low

Time of Use (TOU) billing is usually set up so that rates are higher when you’re more likely to be consuming electricity. For residences, this usually means late afternoon, while for businesses it might be more like 9am to 5pm.

You can save money by running appliances and devices when electricity is cheaper – i.e. during the off-peak times (when electricity is at its cheapest – usually overnight) and shoulder times (when electricity rates are in between – usually occurring just before and after peak times).

Power down at close time

With carbonTRACK, homes and businesses can schedule lights, air-con and even power outlets to turn off at a certain time each day. This way, no electricity is being wasted overnight. Switching off computer monitors, TVs, the microwave and other small appliances may seem like a drop in the ocean, but over time this will add up!

Know what energy you’re actually using

It's hard to save what you can't see.

Use carbonTRACK to get a solid understanding of what is using electricity in your home and when. You view what you're using, when you're using it - plus you can even switch appliances on and off from your phone! If you’ve got solar, carbonTRACK can help you run connected devices during the day to make the most of your solar generation. Or if you're looking to make the most of time of use billing, you don't have to manually switch devices.

You can program them through carbonTRACK! Some examples of electricity use that could be shifted to the day time include; charging phones and toothbrushes, pool pumps, pond and spa pumps, washing machines, dishwashers and other small appliances. So you're not only monitoring your electricity, you're controlling it too!

Knowing what energy you use means you can save money on electricity any time of year, for years to come! Now that you’re armed with our tips, you’ll be well on your way to changing your energy habits and getting your bills under control in 2018!

Looking to save big this year? Get your bills under control with carbonTRACK. Here's how it works:

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