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We are excited to announce that iCarbon has been appointed as carbonTRACK's official Botswana in-country distributor.

You can follow iCarbon on Facebook here. iCarbon will be supported closely by Overshadow, carbonTRACK’s Sub-Saharan distributor.


“We're looking forward to working with the iCarbon team on a number of exciting projects. Particularly the recent BMC project.”

- Geordie Blane, Managing Director - Overshadow.


Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) engaged iCarbon to install, commission and manage an Energy Management System (EMS) in December 2017. iCarbon chose carbonTRACK as the technology solution. The Project was fully commissioned in April 2018 and BMC is on track to reduce its energy consumption by 20%.



“We're thrilled to announce iCarbon as our partner. Ms Mbaakanyi comes with a wealth of experience. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2011 on a number of outbound & inbound trade missions initiated by the Victorian State Government.”

- Spiros Livadaras, Managing Director - carbonTRACK.


Banusi Mbaakanyi, iCarbon’s Managing Director, was the principal Industrial Officer for the Botswana Ministry of Trade & Industry from 2008 through to 2011. In June 2011 she was appointed Private Secretary to the Minister of Trade & Industry. She resigned from this position in late 2012 to set up iCarbon.  

“carbonTRACK will go a long way in helping save electricity in Botswana. It will assist customers to take control of their power consumption.”

- Banusi Mbaakanyi- Managing Director iCarbon.


About iCarbon

iCarbon is an energy management and energy strategy company in the Botswana region focused on efficiency and sustainability. iCarbon is carbonTRACK's official Botswana in-country distributor.

About Overshadow

Overshadow strives to deliver access to, and insights regarding energy maintenance, cost savings methods, customer convenience and lowering carbon footprints, through cutting edge, energy management solutions. Overshadow is carbonTRACK's official in-country Sub- Saharan Africa distributor.

About carbonTRACK

carbonTRACK is an intelligent IoT platform which not only monitors but also manages electricity use, generation & storage to optimise energy savings.carbonTRACK's award-winning technology allows users to control large loads and turn appliances on or off remotely via its app.

Want to know more about carbonTRACK? Here's how it works:

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