Ted talk

Watching TED talks is a good way to give you fresh ideas and get you brain juices flowing.

1. A Reality Check on Renewables

Watch as David MacKay (an esteemed physicist) explores the obstacles to renewable energy, and why these energy source should be utilised despite them. 

2. A 40 Year Plan for Energy

Another physicist Amory Lovins describes how the US can be oil and coal dependent by 2050. He looks at key opportunities at creating energy efficiency with current technology, such as ones in the transport and building sector, and how to use these monetary savings for future efficiency investments.

3. Transition to a world without oil

In this video, the negative impacts of oil are detailed by Rob Hopkins. He discusses how our society can grow beyond our dependence on oil through community strength and support. 

4. Using biology to rethink the energy challenge

Biology, engineering and chemistry are put together to create a new solution to our energy issue: bioenergy. 

5. Salvation (and profit) in greentech

From a different perspective, venture capitalist John Doerr talks about the dire climate situation and how investment in green technology can help.

6. The thrilling potential for off-grid solar energy

The grid is an essential part for accessing energy – or is it? Amar Inamdar talks about how communities without electricity can access it through off-grid solar.

Off grid solar

7. High altitude wind energy from kites!

A different kind of wind turbine, Saul Griffiths from Makani power reveals an invention that harnesses wind energy from kites! Currently their prototype has a 600kW capacity.

8. How behavioural science can lower your energy bill

What are the key drivers for people to pay more attention to their energy use? According to Alex Laskey it isn’t money, environment or being model citizens. It’s knowing that your neighbours are doing more than you.

The reflection of a tree in a glass sphere

9. The trade-offs of building green

In our current climate, being aware of sustainability issues is crucial to overcoming them. Catherine Mohr explores the different ways we use energy and how to be more engaged in our energy usage. 

10. Fusion is energy’s future

To finish off the list, here is an outlook on the potential for fusion energy (how the stars give off so much light and heat) and how that can potentially change the whole energy landscape.

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