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Today we live in a remarkable age 

We have more electrical appliances running in an average household than any other time in history. We have a machine that cleans our dirty dishes, one to wash our clothes, another to dry them. We engage with the world through computer screens, televisions, and smartphones in a cosy climate managed by fans, heating and AC units. Instantaneous cold, warm or hot water and if you are lucky enough, the pool is clean regularly, enticing you in for a swim. Not too far in the future (if not already) an electric vehicle or two will be added to your home’s ever-growing energy eco-system. 

The modern home relies on these electrical appliances to achieve the modern lifestyle we have become accustomed to. It has taken centuries of human achievement to work our way out of the dark ages, so, understandably, we don’t want to go backwards to save on energy usage. However, you don’t have to jeopardise your lifestyle to become energy efficient.


Upgrading appliances is not the answer

There are two ‘drastic’ strains of thought when one thinks about how to be more energy efficient.

  1. To turn everything off. All the lights, heating, and shorter, colder showers.

Although this extreme measure would create results, it isn’t sustainable. 

  1. Innovative energy efficient appliances will solve the issue…

When purchasing a new appliance today, you may spot an energy efficiency 5 start rating. When purchasing a new product some may take this into account. Although energy efficient appliances are ideal, the number of appliances in the average household is going up and we are consuming more regardless.


First, we need to understand usage

To become an energy efficient household, start by working out when energy is being used. Insight to your usage will help you understand how to save energy. Mornings and evenings are the common peak times for the grid and depending on your energy plan, it could also be the most expensive time to run appliances. Running appliances throughout the day will lower peak demand and depend on your energy provider, be much cheaper to do so.

The best way to manage your home energy eco-system is to install an ‘energy management system’. With the right energy management system installed, not only will it show you what you are using and when to run appliances, but will also provide the tools to help you save. With clear insights to your usage, you will be able to avoid energy peak rates, run appliances when it is cheapest to do so, and be notified to energy-hungry appliances and faulty equipment. By having the ability to make better decisions you will not only save energy, but it can save you from costs caused by faulty appliances.


Maximise your solar 

If you have or plan to get solar installed, this can be a great asset to offset your energy usage. To get the most out of your solar, be sure to run appliances when you are generating energy. It is important to have a way to see when and how much the solar is generating and ensure that the system is performing at its best. By running appliances when the sun is shining, you effectively are using free energy, which you are generating. However, if you are not using this energy as it generated or choose to sell it to the grid when running an appliance later that day, you will be paying energy rates with minimal savings and a loss in the ‘energy conversion efficiency’. So it is best to be using it as it is produced.

Learn more about maximising the value of solar.


​Scheduling and automation

It can be a lot of work, to manually run appliances all day, thus it is important to invest in an energy management system that can help not only monitor, but control and automate appliances to run at optimal times. By scheduling appliances to be run off-peak times, it not only has benefits to your overall efficiency, but it can also lower your energy bill and enhance your lifestyle. Use scheduling and automation tools to have your hot water to be switched on and ready just before you use it, have the AC create the perfect climate in time for your return in the evening, and have appliances run when the sun is shining and store excess energy for later use. Learn more here: Home Energy.

 The most effective solution to become more energy efficiency without imposing on lifestyle is investing in an energy management system. A good system that can:

  • Monitor household energy usage
  • Identify energy-draining appliances
  • Notify you to faults in real-time
  • Schedule appliances to run at off-peak times
  • Monitor solar generation
  • Automate to appliances at optimal times
  • Easily manage and control appliances remotely
  • Manage energy storing devices
  • Enhance your lifestyle by being more energy efficient   


Intelligent energy management

The carbonTRACK smart gateway can do the above and more. With carbonTRACK, a home or business has greater insight and control over their energy ecosystem, where key elements – including solar, appliances, circuit-level loads and battery storage – are all working together to deliver optimum efficiency.

Whether it’s switching on your home's pool pump from the office on a sunny day, or letting the system auto-schedule energy-hungry appliances to run when electricity is cheapest, carbonTRACK puts energy users in control. More than that, the platform provides users with the tools to seamlessly participate in initiatives such as demand response and other emerging grid management initiatives.

With technology-agnostic integration capabilities such as connecting to Google Home, AC split systems and smart plugs; the carbonTRACK platform can transform your household into a ‘smart home’.

Enhance your lifestyle with carbonTRACK

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