carbonTRACK Climate Command

carbonTRACK's digital climate controller

No one likes climate change!

Digitally and remotely manage your split air-con systems. Be energy-efficient and minimise wasted energy. 

The controller uses infra-red capability to connect to a split air-con system. Users can access, remotely from their smartphone, the same functionality as the split air-con system’s remote. carbonTRACK’s platform optimises the use of existing tariff structures ensuring that users stay within peak demand limits.

carbonTRACK Climate Command

Climate Command Datasheet

Key benefits
- Remotely control and manage your split air-con system temperature and operating schedules
- Pre-heat or pre-cool to take advantage of cheaper electricity or excess solar
- Set schedules to ensure that the air-cons don’t operate when they are not required
- Installation is simple, merely pair plug-in the climate controller with line-of-sight of the split air-con system and pair it with the carbonTRACK gateway

carbonTRACK Smart Thermostat
carbonTRACK Smart Thermostat

Optimise the usage of HVAC systems with remote monitoring and control. Set min or max temperature ranges, operating schedules and create alerts for system faults.

Smart Thermostat Datasheet 

Key benefits
-  Remotely control and manage HVAC temperature and operating schedules
- Installation is simple, just replace the existing HVAC controller; no change to the main HVAC unit required

Upgrading to a digital energy ecosystem can significantly reduce energy costs for households‘ and organisations’.

Join the digital age of energy management with carbonTRACK!

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