carbonTRACK in Africa

We're looking to expand our African footprint

carbonTRACK is an intelligent energy management company, our platform has one of the largest monitored PV residential fleets in Australia, NZ, and Africa (GTM Research). In 2018 carbonTRACK launched in the USA where it is experiencing high demand.

We have further expansion plans and key focus for us is Africa's sub-Saharan region where we are looking for new distribution and channel partnerships.

If you are an energy provider, PV or thermal solar company, energy consultant or have other interests in the region's clean energy space, we’d love to explore possible collaboration opportunities with you.

Below is an overview of our take on the clean energy space in the region and the opportunities for carbonTRACK to help solve some of the challenges as it transitions to a clean economy.

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carbonTRACK in Africa

carbonTRACK units have been deployed in many exciting projects across the region. Here are just two examples:

  • Solar power energy management at a residential estate. The developer of an 84 apartment complex in South Africa's Gauteng province needed a precision energy monitoring and control solution to manage the supply of prepaid electricity and water to its residents. The carbonTRACK platform enabled transparency and control of energy used and produced - thus helping to maximise solar self-consumption and increasing the return on solar investments.  
  • Smart energy management helps to reduce energy costs. The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) wanted to gain better control of its energy use and to reduce energy wastage. With carbonTRACK, the BMC team now has visibility over electricity usage and can switch loads remotely using the carbonTRACK fleet user interface. They are well on the way to meeting their energy reduction targets - and the system's automation features mean that the process does not require constant human intervention! 


Key observations of the African energy landscape

What stands out for us:

Growing support for a shift to renewables
Government and private efforts to harness the potential of renewables are growing, with an increase in both small and utility-scale projects across the region. Key groups have also announced a shift away from nuclear power in favour of renewable energy. 

Decentralised power the key to 'energy democracy'
Electricity security and grid stability remain key challenges across the region. While there are no easy answers, decentralised power generation is increasingly seen as the pathway to ‘energy democracy'.

Energy management a key challenge for businesses
With the recent introduction of South Africa’s carbon tax and the expected mandate for building performance reporting, businesses have a growing need for advanced energy management solutions.

Move to self-sustainable homes
With increasing energy prices, regular blackouts and energy security front of mind, there is an increased interest among South Africans to reduce their reliance on the grid

How carbonTRACK can help...

carbonTRACK delivers value at the building, network and grid levels. The same technology that helps home occupants gain greater control of their energy use delivers embedded networks and facilitates smart grids when rolled out at scale.

Applied to the challenges of the African region, carbonTRACK can help…

Energy users have greater control
Users can see and remotely control the energy they use – thus helping them to reduce consumption and save money. The platform also manages solar and batteries to help optimise the use of free energy.

Support grid stability 
carbonTRACK's is an advanced decentralised energy management solution. Regulators, utilities and energy providers can predict energy demand, manage loads remotely and (if required) discharge available batteries to increase supply.

Promote a clean growth ethos 
The carbonTRACK platform is solar and battery ready, and technology agnostic. Its flexible nature allows for further policy, product and service innovation, including ‘smart energy use’ incentive and reward programs, better management of electricity in public buildings/housing, and decentralised storage management solutions.

How it works

carbonTRACK connects energy users and energy providers and enables each to monitor, control, automate and share energy. At the building level, energy management meets home automation and at the network level, it facilitates virtual power plants and demand response initiatives.

This brief animation explains how it works.

Who benefits?

Home and business owners can monitor their energy use and leverage the system’s advanced control capability to act on these insights – including remote switching and scheduling loads using TOU

Governments and Councils can improve the efficiency of public sector buildings, set higher standards for new developments, and support renewable energy policy innovation

Energy providers can predict grid loads and remotely manage decentralised energy resources, demand response programs and virtual power plants

Solar companies can provide a monitored and optimised solution with a range of ongoing maintenance services

Energy efficiency consultants have behind the meter visibility into clients’ energy environments and can formulate targeted improvement initiatives and demonstrate their positive impact

Battery and storage providers can integrate seamlessly with the carbonTRACK platform

 Here are some relevant case studies...
    Residential Housing Development 
    Solar innovation & VPP
    Metro City Council 
    Multi Site Fleet Management
    Battery Integration + SunSpec

Let's start the conversation

Our award-winning platform delivers value at the building, network and grid levels. Its technology agnostic and flexible nature means it’s suited for a range of applications, including a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) solution with a Home Automation element; a solar optimisation solution for homes and businesses; an energy management and control solution for businesses and corporates; a Virtual Power Plant control centre and a Smart Grid platform.

If you’d like to know more about how it can help you with your product, service or policy innovation, please get in touch with our Managing Director, Spiros Livadaras.


Decentralised Energy Management

A walk-through the carbonTRACK platform with a focus on storage management across a decentralised fleet. Download your copy here.

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carbonTRACK for Home Solar

Welcome to the world of smart solar, where you can monitor, control and optimise how you use, store and share energy.

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