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We’re a technology company with a bold vision – to help enable a world where energy is consumed sustainably, shared fairly and empowers all people. And we’re leading the way. carbonTRACK technology is connecting energy generators, energy distributors and energy consumers - delivering embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitating smart grids. Find out how we’re creating smart buildings, smart businesses and shaping the energy future.

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carbonTRACK partners with other changemakers to help homeowners and business leaders see and control their energy use, cut costs and reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources. See what a carbonTRACK partnership means for you:

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Dashboard & app

Experience intelligent data at your fingertips with our easy to use interface. The Dashboard and App allow users to swiftly view and analyse their energy profile and control smart devices and connected circuits with the click of a button.

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carbonTRACK wins the UK Tech Rocketship Award for Clean Growth

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carbonTRACK is (once again) digitising the Massive Murray Paddle 

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Why data is the key to saving energy

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Top Six Solar Myths

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31 Jul

carbonTRACK's US partner naak announces strategic partnership with Indaspec Energy Services

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