We’re doing it again! 

carbonTRACK is proud to once again support the Massive Murray Paddle and provide the technology to track all boats across the grueling 400 km course, provide near real-time updates on their position and help keep participants safe in the water.    

The event is taking place over 5 days, 19th -23rd of November, and marks the 50th anniversary of what is one of the longest paddle races in the world. Participants raise funds for various causes close to their hearts and there is a big focus on uniting the local community through connection to each other and the land. 

This is our second time supporting this great event and the excitement is building! 

What we’re doing 

We’re (once again) doing what had been previously impossible.   

Prior to carbonTRACK’s involvement the participants were manually marked as passing each of the checkpoints. This analogue process was a necessity as the technology solution for the event’s particular challenges  a 400km course (much of it under thick vegetation and poor cellular coverageand the need for water resistant devices with enough power to last the full 5 days – had not yet been found. 

But we love a challenge! 

Sowe’re building a bespoke communication network and providing tracking devices to help ensure all participants are tracked fairly and safelyThis year we are tracking 189 boats, up 69 from the 120 that participated last year. 
Our technology plays an integral role in the safety management efforts led by consulting company Phase Zero. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with their team on such a fantastic and important project.  

Why we’re involved 

Our business is built on providing technology solutions to problems society faces today. We’re focused on helping homeowners and businesses to take control of their energy use and spend, and creating an ecosystem where energy is consumed sustainably and shared fairly. 

This is a big undertaking that requires advanced technology solutions and we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Taking on the challenge of digitizing the Massive Murray Paddle not only gives us the opportunity to support great community event, it also helps us to stretch our thinking and continuously evolve our technology. 

“At carbonTRACK, we’re problem solvers. We always say that you can drop our technology anywhere in the world and it will work. The solution we’re creating to cover the 400km course between Yarrawonga and Swan Hill proves that, says Shavaj Kallamote, CTO and Co-founder of carbonTRACK. 

The technical explanation  

We’re building a communication network that leverages the LoRaWAN wireless radios, existing cellular network (where available) and carbonTRACK’s patented technology overlay. This network enables carbonTRACK’s battery operated tracking devices to transmit a signal back to our mobile gateways, ensuring that all participants are tracked in near real-time.   

LoRaWAN is a media access control layer protocol for managing communication between LPWAN gateways and end-node devices. It allows data to be transmitted by an end-node device to a centralized network server. Traditionally, LoRaWAN is used for asset tracking or to determine measurements such as meter readings. carbonTRACK has extended the functions of LoRaWAN to operate in a wide area mesh without cyclic redundancy errors and to extend wireless range. 

In the solution we designed for the Massive Murray Paddle, it is the carbonTRACK SmartHubs that act as the communication gateways. We will have multiple units positioned throughout the course, supported by in-air repeater devices acting like localized satellites communicating with the transponders on each boat.    

Boat location will be updated every 30 seconds enabling near real-time updates on the location on each of the 180 participants. Race organisers and supporters will be able to track all the action via the carbonTRACK portal.  

But we’re not just problem-solving tech-heads 

This year, we’re not just tracking the boats from the sidelines – we’re getting on the river! Team carbonTRACK will be represented by our Head of Customer Engagement, Chris Benson who insisted we take a more active role. We agreed and were delighted to sponsor his boat.  

Chris is competing to raise funds for research into motor neurone disease and in memory of his mother, Bernice Atlee, who battled MND before her passing two years ago. You read more about Chris’s journey and support his efforts by visiting his fundraising page here.  

Stay in touch for all the action from the Murray 

We’re incredibly proud to be involved in an event that not only raises funds for multiple important causes but also aims to connect the communities to each other and their environments.  
Stay in touch with us to get the link to the tracking site when it goes live – so you too can keep track of the action in near real-time! 

Follow us on social media  we’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - for updates on the Massive Murray Paddle and the latest carbonTRACK news.

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